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PING the Digital Marketing News roundup by Skilfinity Oct 2018

PING — Top Digital Marketing Stories — October 2018

A lot is going on in the world of digital media. The search engine portals and social media platforms are getting smarter and effectual. It’s important to keep up your pace with the transformation to stay relevant. To make it easier for you, we have compiled the top stories of the month to let you know the highlights:


Search News Updates:


Google Mobile Homepage got its much-needed redesign

Google’s homepage on your mobile is now much more than just a plain search bar. It resembles Google search app.

You’ll find Google Feed below the search bar that generates content recommendation based on the user’s activity and interests.


It’s now easier to delete your search history in Google

Google recently announced, “Today, we’re making it easier for you to make decisions about your data directly within the Google products you use every day, starting with Search.”

In simple terms, it means you can now review and delete your search activity without leaving Google Search. Additionally, accessing privacy controls on your Google account also got easier.


Find your celebrity doppelganger in Bing Mobile App

Bing introduced a fun feature that lets users find their celebrity lookalike. All you need to do is take a selfie via Bing app, and let it use its visual search technology to find a celebrity that resembles you the most.




Social Media News Updates:


Publish video content To LinkedIn Company page directly from Vimeo

Vimeo announced its end to end integration with LinkedIn platform that allows the company pages to publish content uploaded to the video platform.

Vimeo has introduced, ‘Publish to Social’ feature that let’s user post video to LinkedIn company page with a single click. The users can also access video analytics on respective social media platform. Vimeo currently allows publishing to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter along with LinkedIn.


Snapchat launched a Desktop App to add filters to streaming videos

Snapchat launched Snap Camera, which is a desktop app that allows users to add filters to live streams and a video chat. It is available for Windows and MacOS and has an extension for streaming on Twitch. The Snap Camera can be used as web cam app or can be used with Skype or Zoom. Additionally, it has integrated with YouTube too.


Add songs to Facebook profile

Facebook is unleashing the power of music and has released series of new features that allows users to connect with music in more than one way.

Users can soon be able to add music to their profile page. They will also be able to pin a song on the top of profile page and can create their personal collection of songs in the music section. There are more music-centric features:

  • Music in Stories- music can be added to photos and videos shared on Facebook Stories.
  • Lip Sync Live- a live broadcast feature that will allow users to lip sync selection of songs. They will also be able to see the lyrics displayed on the screen. It will soon be launched in many countries.


Share audios from SoundCloud to your Instagram Stories

Instagram has integrated with SoundCloud that will allow users to share audio from the free streaming services to their respective Instagram stories.

Here is how the company made its official announcement: “Say goodbye to screenshots. Starting today you can share your music discoveries from SoundCloud directly to your Instagram Stories.” The other users/viewers can tap on the link to open the post in their SoundClap app.


Create and Share 3D Photos in Facebook

Facebook now allows users to share 3D photos that can be viewed by users on their mobile app or can be viewed in VR on the Oculus Go and Oculus Rift.

While viewing, the users can scroll, tilt or pan their phone to have a complete 3D experience. However, it is important to note that the feature is available only for users with a dual-lens camera on their smartphone.


Spread “Kindness” on Instagram with a dedicated Photo Filter

Instagram recently rolled out a ‘kindness filter’ to spread positivity around. The users can now use this filter on their stories camera and the filter will instantly uplift the sentiments on photos. If the same filter is used on a selfie mode, the screen will be filled with hearts.


Twitter has rolled back ability to create ‘moments’ on mobile apps

With effect from October 23rd, 2018 the users will no longer be able to create moments on iOS and Android apps. Twitter admitted that users were not actively using the feature, so the company has decided to rollback the feature and refocus on feature that people love and use.


It will be interesting to see how the updates unfold in the coming year. In the constantly evolving space of digital marketing, it is important to stay updated on the trends 2019 will bring about in this space. We will be back soon to give you an update on the month of November.


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