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Understand the general consumer sentiment and overall Chatbot landscape through this Infographics

Inforgraphics: The Planet of Chatbots – The Rise

The Internet is evolving fast and every now and then we have been bombarded by catchwords (or phrases) that hardly make any sense to our daily interaction with the technology.

In recent times we have heard the buzz around AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) or even NLP (Natural Language Processing), like a few years back we all heard about AR/VR and digital transformation. What are these and does the advancement in these particular technologies really impact our day-to-day life?

Well, this might not be a right forum to debate that but we would like to highlight one real-world application that is based on some of the recent advancement in technologies — Chatbots.

The concept of Chatbot is there since the 1950s and with gradual tech advancement, it has taken a more practical and commercial form in today’s world. It is also evolving pretty fast and getting more accessible to consumers as well as business owners to implement it as a new medium to communicate with each other.

So, what is a Chatbot?

It is a computer program that can simulate a conversation with a human via an auditory or textual method. Basically, it emulates a real human who can answer your queries, provide information and address your issues.

Most auditory communication happens through virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and textual interaction occurs through instant messengers like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Twitter, etc.

The bots can either pick keywords in the input to pull a matching reply from its database or it can use Natural Language Processing (NLP), an AI to process a large amount of natural language data to interact with a human. Some bots adapt and keep learning in due course of time with the power of Machine Learning.

Why is it getting popular?

Several reasons but let’s highlight the major ones — in 2015, the messenger apps overtook social media in terms of active users. Right now, while reading this article, some of us must be using either WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or WeChat to talk to someone known or a stranger!

Many of us prefer communicating through a messenger app instead of a telephonic conversation or even face to face meeting as our first interaction with an unknown person or a business. For businesses, it is important for customer relationship and service.

Facebook states that more than 2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses each month. The trend shows it will increase but how much of it can be automated by Chatbots?

Let us look at it with two perspectives — Business and Consumer


Most of the businesses are either global or expanding to tap new territories. It is crucial that they remain 24 hours active to provide instant response and address queries. A Chatbot can save a considerable amount of time, effort and money by automating the conversation instead of a paid employee.

Engage the user and generate leads — website and social media Chatbots can navigate the visitor, collect information, schedule meeting or simply push the process further down the sales funnel.


The 2018 state of Chatbots report by Drift, SurveyMonkey Audience, Salesforce, and myclever states that consumers are getting frustrated by the online experiences:

    • 34% mentioned that websites are hard to navigate
    • 31% cannot get answers to simple questions
  • 28% said that basic details of a business (address, hours of operations, phone numbers) are hard to find

Chatbots are developed to address most of these issues.

Refer infographics to understand the general consumer sentiment and overall Chatbot landscape.

Infographics - The Rise of Chatbots - Understand the general consumer sentiment and overall Chatbot landscape through this Infographics

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If you are a business, now is a good time to have a Chatbot of your own. If you have questions like:

> What kind of Chatbot — Website or Facebook or Twitter?

> What will solve my purpose and generate maximum ROI?

> How can I reach out to more audience?

Feel free to consult Skilfinity. Make your business more digitally relevant and future-proof.

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