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Ping - Top Digital Marketing News - May 2018

PING — Top Digital Marketing Stories — May 2018

May was an interesting month for Digital Marketing as Facebook and Google came up with new features for marketers. While Twitter was seen exercising its power by announcing limitations on third-party apps. It will be exciting to see how the new features evolve over the coming months. Let’s look at the top stories from the Digital Marketing space in May 2018


1) Ads between Facebook stories are here

From the launch of Facebook Stories, addition of adverts in between stories was inevitable, the wait was only a matter of time as the Stories feature garnered more users. This May, Facebook launched Ads in Stories enabling prime promotion positions at the top of user feeds. These 5–15 seconds ‘Story’ ads will give opportunities to marketers to reach vast user base with story-boarded adverts.

2) Cross-posting live videos on multiple pages

Facebook has now enabled the cross-posting feature where the page admin can configure cross posting relationships. Broadcasts created via Live API are eligible for Live cross-posting. However, this feature cannot be used for mobile originated broadcast content.

A scheduled Live post can be created 7 days in advance. A cross-posted ‘scheduled’ Live broadcast will appear before broadcast transitions into an ”IsLive” state.

3) Facebook Journeys

To understand how actions people take across the websites and apps contribute to conversions, Facebook has started with its omnichannel analytics interface called ‘Journeys’. It gives a visual dashboard of an aggregate form to give insights on how long people take to convert, and channels they start on.

4) Analytics App for IOS & Android

As on-the-go metrics and reporting become increasingly important, Facebook has come up with an analytics app to review important metrics in a streamlined interface.

We have listed some uses below –

Ø Personalized overview tab will show the metrics that are important to you

Ø Dashboards can be created out of the saved reports from your desktop

Ø Make use of automated insights relevant to your business

Ø Notifications on the data anomalies

5) New Features on Facebook: Voice posts, stories archive and Cloud storage

To make the interface even more engaging, Facebook has introduced three interesting features currently available only in India. These features might be released worldwide soon.

Ø Voice Posts: This feature uses the app’s inbuilt camera to create audio-only messages. This features will help Facebook users to share voice posts with other users.

Ø Stories Archive: Facebook is following Instagram on the ‘Story’ front, as Instagram allows archiving of stories. Users will also be able to archive Facebook stories.

Ø Cloud Storage: Facebook will allow users to store pictures and videos to Facebook account instead of using the user’s hard disk. This feature will again be available on the anything shot using Facebook’s built-in app.


Limitations for third-party apps on Twitter

Starting August 16th, Twitter will limit the capabilities of third-party apps as the functionalities for these apps will have no real-time streams.

Users of third-party apps will also experience severe limitations in using push notification. With either a delay or removal of the push notification options. Without this option, users will have to refresh their feeds manually


1) The hidden feature — know users’ time spent on Instagram

Like Google’s new feature which uncovers usage-based metrics like time spent on YouTube. Instagram reportedly has a hidden feature which gives usage-based insights similar to Google. The release of this feature is yet uncertain however there is a possibility of the feature being released soon.

2) New Emoji sliders introduced on Instagram

Instagram’s new take on poll stickers come with a sliding scale to express the range of feelings. While the poll stickers had a choice of only two options, these Emoji sliders enable users to rate their opinions on a sliding scale.


1) ‘Optimize’ experience for AdWords

Though Google’s visual editor for landing pages, Optimize has been integrated with AdWords since last October, it wasn’t a part of the new AdWords experience until now.

Now marketers can create different versions of web pages according to individual user searches such that the results are optimized based on the target audience. This integration will enable marketers to engage people once they reach the business page by considering the entire customer journey.

It will be exciting to watch how these new features and updates evolve over the upcoming time. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months as we bring you the latest updates and on-dits from the digital marketing space!

2) Google reportedly removes Anonymous reviews from Google My Business

Several sources on Twitter reported that Google has removed anonymous reviews from the My Business reviews. After a crackdown on fake and negative reviews, it is not surprising that Google might be making the reviews which cannot be identified as legitimate disappear.

3) Site changes take longer time, maybe months to be reflected on Google

If site changes are implemented around the same time as Google algorithm update, any gains/losses in traffic are not necessarily due to the recent site modifications. John Mueller from Google says that it takes months for major site changes to be processed by search ranking algorithms.

Half of 2018 gone, it has been an eventful year so far. As the market evolves let’s see what is in store for us marketers.

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