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Google Analytics Configuration & Audit

Unlock the true potential of Google Analytics data.

Data Analytics

Insights obtained from data examination.

Conversion Rate Optimization | CRO

Meet the goals by guiding the web traffic.

Data Visualization

Custom dashboards using leading visualization tools.

Multi-source DataConfiguration

Connect CRM, Social, Online and Demographics data.


We Can Help You Succeed

We give customers critical insights into campaign performance across marketing channels such as landing pages, paid acquisition, social media, SEO and other channels to determine the most effective lead conversion path.

The Internet is an ever-changing platform and your business needs to adapt to the environment. Having a pretty shop face online and driving as much traffic as possible to your website is not enough anymore. With the forever changing Internet, it's important to know your visitors. Skilfinity will first audit your analytics configuration or set up one with Google's Tag manager. And thereafter track every single visit to your site to map the visitors' journey including why they left your site and how they interacted with your site. This information feeds back into your overall digital storytelling strategy to allow you to make the changes necessary to improve the number of conversions (inquiries, purchases, downloads etc.).

How an app maker measured their marketing spend?

Real-time data to track the audience journey to download the app and measure the ROI of spending on multiple digital channels.